Coder Dojo Skibbereen Club

As part of the worldwide CoderDojo movement, Skibbereen CoderDojo was formed in 2013. Its a free coding club for young people aged between 7 and 17 years. Formed in 2013, we have approximately 50 participating coders at present. Coders meet weekly, and learn by way of adult mentorship, self-learning and team collaboration.
The CoderDojo movement believes that an understanding of programming languages is increasingly important in the modern world, that its both better and easier to learn these skills early, and that nobody should be denied the opportunity to do so. The club allows the coders to be creative in a safe and social environment.

CoderDojo is a global volunteer-led community of free programming clubs for young people. These young people, between 7 and 17, learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and explore technology. In addition to learning to code attendees meet like minded people and get to show off what they've been working on.

There is a focus on community, peer learning, mentor and self led learning with an emphasis on openness, helping others and showing how coding is a force for change in the world.

Most importantly CoderDojo is about encouraging creativity and having fun with technology in a social environment. CoderDojo makes development and learning to code a fun, sociable, kick ass experience.

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