Activities available at Skibbereen CoderDojo Club.


To connect to scratch you need to set up an account.
Link to and select the option to Join Scratch.
You will be required to enter a username, password and email address.
Once your account is setup, you will have access to step by step tutorials on getting started.
An offline version of Scratch is available if internet access is an issue at home


To work on Minecraft, you need to buy a Minecraft PC version on your laptop. It will cost 20 euro.
Do a google search to purchase & download 'Minecraft pc'.
To join the Skibbereen Minecraft Project, please contact Angela (mentor).
The Skibbereen Minecraft project: Mine Craft project;, Password; 2013coder. IP Address:


HTML is the language used to create Websites. Our Mentors can assist you learning the basics of HTML and step you through developing your own Website.
Skibbereen CoderDojo has online tutorials on website for HTML link:
Download the files under Websites (week 1 Notes, week 2 Notes etc)
Username: Coder Password: Coder


Available to use on club nights

Raspberry Pis

Available to use on club nights